Brief story of god’s love for you

The word of God as written in the Bible is a clear listing of details constituting just how much God loves man as the most important of all His creation. It not only reveals God’s elaborate plan and purpose for humankind, but also illustrates the participation of the founder in making sure that His love for what He created continues through all generations. This report attempts to bring an in depth comprehension of the narrative of God’s love for you. The creation story in the book of Genesis chapter one, from verse twenty six to verse twenty eight, reveals a Godly consultation that came up with the resolution to make man in the image and likeness of God. This is after God had created all other things, but the creation has been incomplete without man. God took all the time to create man from clay and later put the breath of life in him instead of just saying a word as was the case with the rest of the creation.

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He also gave man authority over the rest of the creation according him access, rights and privileges second to none among the created beings. This is a clear indication of the value and significance which God attaches to man. When Adam and Eve sinned and were banished from the Garden of Eden, God was greatly angered by the interruption of his strategy to keep loving Man and having fellowship with him. Consequently, we see God cursing the serpent for Deceiving guy and also cursing the floor on behalf of Adam. So as to ensure That His strategy of Loving humankind continued, God sent His only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross, as the only worthy sacrifice to atone for the sin of man and to forever reconcile the fallen man back God. After Jesus died and rose from the Dead, He ascended to heaven where he sits with God.

According to the prophesy listed in the books of the prophets and the vision of John in the book of Revelation, Jesus will return for His bride. This is the church composed of all individuals who believe in God and welcome His son Jesus Christ in their lives. These will reign with Christ forever as a culmination of the narrative of God’s love for you and me and a fulfillment of His plan and purpose for mankind. The general plan of God in the books of Genesis to Revelation is one of goodwill and love for his creation, particularly the human race. It is apparent that is God real wants man to enjoy life, take care of the rest of the production and fulfill God’s will in the world. What is more, the Bible in the Gospel of John chapter three verses sixteen accurately records that it had been as a result of enjoying the world that God gave his only son with the only intention that man believes in Jesus, is saved from dying and inherits everlasting life.


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