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Indian reality shows like Sa Re Gab Ma, Indian idol are building up enormous fan following and garnering hefty popularity for those channels airing them. The shows are targeted to showcase the hidden talent in the nooks and corner of this huge nation -a nation that is bountifully endowed with gifted folks. And these reality shows are merely a platform to pay tribute to the talented people of this blessed land. How else can we ever come face to face with hidden and obscure gift! Right platform or not, one thing is sure that so far there is not any other equally effective alternative strategy that is been introduced before us to search and showcase real talent. We might not agree with lot that is going on in the name of showcasing talent in these programmes. Loads of gimmicks are resorted to by the manufacturers of the reality shows which may violate the finer feelings of soul and mind. Notwithstanding all that, one is forced to admit the fact that there is general good being done to the society, possibly inadvertently.

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Let’s take a deeper look at the pluses and minuses of the reality shows as stage to showcase one’s ability. The entertainment industry in India has found its moorings in this century. In other words it is come of age. Television is a vital component of entertainment market. Video is also maturing in India. If we take a retrospective view, in the previous century Television was languishing in India broadcasting programmes linked to Indian Cinema only. But with the introduction of Reality shows television viewing has taken a completely different dimension. Percentage increase of viewership has taken an exponential jump. With that growth in demand has come the plausible growth in distribution, making a virtuous cycle. The bigg boss telugu vote is that the magnetic draw of big time money in television.

With big time money come professionalism and that attracts more capable individuals to join force. The resultant is bigger, better and slick shows for viewers to savour. Entertainment sector in general and Indian Cinema specifically benefits greatly from these Reality shows. Talent search in such a vast country is a tedious and daunting task to say the least. Before Reality shows came into existence music supervisors took the shortest path and worked with the identical set of singers you could count on your small finger. And young singing talent in India went unsung (pun unintended). Few talented youngsters will have such high motivational level as to leave everything and come to Mumbai to exhibit their talent, knowing full well that they might not have the ability to fix up an audience with music supervisors for ages. Reality shows have contributed such talented youngsters a favourite platform to showcase their talent and draw attention of music directors of all colours.

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