Saviour For Pigs- European Pig Welfare

European welfare commission was set up with the mission to look after various concerned sectors of society including globalization, environment, jobs and growth, digital single market, energy and climate, economic policies and democratic change. The European Commission aims to look after all concerned areas by prioritizing them according to the need of the hour. They have discussed and selected pig welfare as their latest priority.

Surgical castration


The European pig welfare is mainly working for surgical castration in pigs and looking for an alternative to stop it. Surgical castration is the practice to remove body odor from pigs to make them eatable and to stop the sexual behavior of pigs to control the aggressive reproduction activity in them. The concern of the European Commission is that it is a painful process for young pigs and hence, it needs to be stopped at once. It is suggested by the organization on the advice of NGO’s and other animal-friendly associations to use anesthesia for the castration process. However, it is not a permanent alternative to the problem.

Other protection standards laid by European Declaration

It includes the Improvisation in the quality of flooring surfaces for pigs, making more space for sows and gilts, set-up the importance of lights and reduce noise pollution. It also includes a minimum standard to be laid down for the living standard of pigs by training the keepers of piglets and provide fresh water and food like fruits, leaves, roots and fish to them. Minimum weaning age should not be less than four weeks for young pigs. Even the consumers are concerned about the exploitation of pig and have considered it a sensitive concern.

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